Amanda SOHO Flash

For information about how to program your telephone system for voicemail, please refer to your telephone system manual, or contact the manufacturer of your telephone system. Make sure you assign all the voicemail ports to a hunt group and that the type is set to voicemail (this will usually enable system integration).
Note: Whenever you see the phone icon call Amanda SOHO Flash.
1) Unpacking the System
Carefully unpack the Amanda SOHO Flash system from the box. Also unpack the power source for the unit and put it aside.
2) Mounting the System
Find a good place to mount the SOHO Flash unit on the wall near the telephone system. Carefully mount the system to the wall.
3) Connecting Ports
Connect four analog extensions from the telephone system to ports 1 through 4 on the Amanda SOHO Flash unit. Ports 1 through 4 are labeled lines 1-4.
Ports 1-4 are RJ11’s and each use only the center pair for each port (tip & ring / the green and red pair).
Note: Port 4 is the notification port. All message notification will be dialed this port. If you don’t have four analog ports available on your telephone system, make sure port 4 is one of the active ports. For example, if there are only 3 extensions available, connect ports 1, 2, and 4.
4) Powering the System On
The system does not have an on/off switch. Connecting power and removing power will turn the system on and off. Power the system on by connecting its power source to it. The system will take approximately 2 minutes to boot up.
5) Logging into a Mailbox
Amanda SOHO Flash is programmed using a touch-tone telephone. Mailbox 999 acts as the system administration mailbox, and is used to program Amanda. Mailbox 999 has a special administration mode that none of the other mailboxes have. To program Amanda SOHO Flash you’ll need to become familiar with the login process.