Individual Trunk Greetings

Individual Trunk Greetings See Multiple Company Greetings on page 2-6 in this glossary.Automated Attendant Instruction Menu The Instruction Menu is the announcement that plays to Automated Attendant callers. Normally, the Instruction Menu provides callers with the Automated Attendant dialing options. Automated Attendant Leaving a Message An extension user can leave a voice message in a co-worker’s mailbox if that extension is busy, unanswered, or in Do Not Disturb. Voice Mail Leaving a Message at a Busy/DND Extension See Leaving a Message on page 2-5 in this glossary.Voice Mail Leave a Quick Message See Quick Message on page 2-7 in this glossary.Automated Attendant Listening Options See Listening to Messages on page 2-5 in this glossary.Voice Mail Listening to Messages While or after listening to a message, an extension user has many message handling options from which to choose. Voice Mail Live Record Allows an extension user to record their active call as a message in their mailbox. VM8000 InMail broadcasts a beep and a voice prompt to the callers as Live Record begins. Voice Mail Local Notification See Message Notification on page 2-6 in this glossary.Voice Mail Log On to Voice Mail An extension user can press a key to log on to access their VM8000 InMail mailbox. With Remote Logon, an employee calling through the Automated Attendant can dial a single digit followed by their own mailbox number to remotely log on to their mailbox. Voice Mail Mailbox Announcement Message The Mailbox Announcement Message is a message, recorded by the System Administrator, that plays to each subscriber when they log onto their mailbox. The message will play at each log on until it expires, is deleted, or made inactive by the System Administrator. Administration Mailbox Greeting See Greeting on page 2-4 in this glossary.Voice Mail Mailbox Logon See Log On to Voice Mail on page 2-5 in this glossary.Voice Mail Mailbox Name A mailbox caller can hear the extension user’s prerecorded name instead of their mailbox number. Voice Mail Mailbox Options Menu Sub-menu of a subscriber’s Main Menu that provides access to the Auto Time Stamp, Mailbox Security Code Delete, and Message Notification features. Voice Mail Mailbox Security Code Delete The System Administrator can delete the security code for any mailbox, effectively unlocking it. See Security Code on page 2-8 in this glossary. Maintenance