Announcement mailbox

Announcement mailbox
An Announcement Mailbox plays a recorded announcement to Automated Attendant callers without providing dialing options. The Announcement Mailbox is typically set up to provide information to callers and then route back to the Automated Attendant. See the following example:
• The Automated Attendant instructs the caller to dial a digit for company directions.
- Record this in the Instruction Menu message for the active Call Routing Mailbox. See Instruction Menu on page 2-122 for more information.
- Set the dialing options in the Dial ActionTable associated with the active Call Routing Mailbox. See Dial ActionTable on page 2-49 for more information.
• The caller dials the digit and listens to the recorded Announcement Mailbox message for directions.
• After playing the directions, the caller routes back to the Automated Attendant for additional dialing options.
- See the Hang Up on page 2-106 and Next Call Routing Mailbox on page 2-167 options in Programming below.
By default, there are 24 Announcement Mailboxes (Routing Mailboxes 9 ~ 32). However, you can assign any of the 32 Routing Mailboxes as an Announcement Mailbox.
The Next Call Routing Mailbox Options
The following Mailbox Routing charts show how an Announcement Mailbox handles Automated Atten- dant calls.
• The first chart explains what happens when the outside call is directly answered by the Announce- ment Mailbox. This happens when the AnswerTable uses an Announcement Mailbox for routing instead of a Call Routing Mailbox.
• The second chart explains what happens when the outside call is answered by a Call Routing Mail- box and then routed to the Announcement Mailbox. This can happen, for example, when a caller dials a digit to hear an announcement of company directions.
• See AnswerTable on page 2-14 for more set up information.