Setting Up ACD for the First Time

Setting Up ACD for the First Time
When setting up ACD for the first time, perform the following procedures in the sequence listed below.
1. Arrange Extensions into ACD Groups. 2.Set up Work Schedules and Work Periods. 3.Assign Extension to ACD Groups for each Work Period.
4. Arrange Trunks into incoming Ring Groups.
5. Determine Trunk Work Schedules. 6.Assign incoming Ring Groups to ACD Groups.
Your first step in setting up ACD is to find out how many ACD Groups you need and which extensions should be in each group. Use the Sample ACD Group Worksheet on page 2-3 to arrange extensions into ACD Groups.
 ACD requires that the CPU-B1 have the ACD license.
 There are 2 ACD Groups, 16 ACD Agents Max per group, and 36 Trunks.
1.Select the ACD Group Number.
The system allows up to 2 ACD Groups. You can have up to 16 ACD agents per group. You can put any agent in any group. In addition, an agent can be logged into only one group at a time, but a SIE key can be programmed for other groups. This allows, for example, a Technical Service representation to answer Customer Service calls at lunch time when many of the Customer Service reps are unavailable