Add-On Conference

Add-On Conference
Add-On Conference allows a conference call with a total of four parties with various combinations of outside lines and stations. This increases efficiency by allowing multiple parties to enter a conversation.
System Software supports up to 16, 4-party conferences with no more than two outside lines per conference.
With Release R2000 or higher, a Single Line Telephone or PSII can perform a 1 terminal - 2 outside party conference call.
Terminal Type: All stations
Required Components: None
To initiate an Add-On Conference using a Multiline Terminal with a call in progress:
1.Press D .
2.Dial a station number or outside party, and inform the answering party of the conference. 3.Press D again. The D LED is on continuously. Talk with both parties.
4.Repeat steps 1~3 to add an additional party to the conference.