* + Enter Account Code + * Enter an Account Code.Account Codes- ** Pick up a call ringing or waiting at another extension. Directed Call Pickup Voice Re- sponse System (VRS) - *#Pick up a call ringing an exten- sion in your pickup group (ex- cept Ring Group calls). Group Call Pickup24 *0Answer a Message Waiting re- quest. Message Waiting38 733Set the Automatic Transfer for each trunk line. Transfer- 734Cancel the Automatic Transfer for each trunk line. Transfer- 735Set the Destination for Automat- ic Trunk Transfer. Transfer- *1 + Paging Group Number Make a Combined Page.Paging- + 0Cancel Call Forwarding.Call Forwarding- No setting (After + 001~084 + busy) Disconnect a call in progress on a trunk. Forced Trunk Disconnect- *5Log out of or in to an ACD group. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) *10(V1.5 Added) *6 + Orbit (01~64)Pick up a call parked in a system Park orbit (01 ~ 64). Park *04 + orbit *8Call your mailbox.Voice Mail- #* #* Enter system programming mode. System Programming Pass- word Protection - Hookflash + ## + En- ter Account Code + Hookflash Enter an Account Code at a Sin- gle Line Terminal. Account Codes- #0Use Universal Answer Code to pick up a call ringing over the paging system. Central Office Calls, Answering- Hookflash + #1 + ex- tension + hookflash twice Activate Conference from a Sin- gle Line Terminal. Conference- #2 + binDial a Common Speed Dialing number. Speed Dialing2