Chime Bell

Chime Bell
A station can be configured to activate a Chime at another station. When activated, the assigned station will receive the Chime Bell tone for the Chime Bell timer. In addition, a Chime Bell can be configured to activate the External Loud Bell contact.
To program a Chime Bell Flexible button at a DKT,
1. Press the [TRANS/PGM] button.
2. Press the desired Flexible button.
3. Press the [TRANS/PGM] button
4. Dial ‘*’ 9.
5. Press the [HOLD/SAVE] button.
To activate the Chime Bell,
1. Press Chime Bell button at a station as to activate a Chime Bell.
 The ring stops when Chime Bell Timer expires.
 A muted Chime Bell is used if the receiving station is busy.  Chime Bell is available only to DKTs.
A. Station User Programming
B. Flexible Buttons
C. External Loud Bell