Flexible System Numbering

Flexible System Numbering
Flexible System Numbering lets you reassign the system port-to-extension assignments. This allows an employee to retain their extension number if they move to a different office. In addition, factory technicians can make comprehensive changes to your system number plan. You can have factory technicians:
• Set the number of digits in internal (Intercom) functions. For example, extension numbers can have a maximum of 8 digits.
• Change your system Service Code numbers.
• Assign single digit access to selected Service Codes.
Talk to your sales representative to find out if this program is available to you.
You can also use Flexible System Numbering to change the system Trunk Group Routing code. Although the default code of 9 is suitable for most applications, you can alter the code if needed.
The system provides a completely flexible system numbering plan. Refer to the chart below and the SL1100 Programming Manual for more details.
Flexible System