Telephone keys

IP4WW-( )*TXH-B TEL Call Indicator Lamp
Exit Key
Exit any screen and return the display to “Time & Date”.

This lamp flashes fast when a call is ringing and flashes slower when a message has been left.
Alphanumeric Display
The LCD has 3 lines, 24 characters with backlight.
Soft Keys
The Soft Keys show the available features for your current activity. Any feature shown at the bottom of the LCD is available.
Help Key
The user can press this key followed by a programmable key to check what Line or Programmable Feature is assigned on the key.
Programmable Function Keys
Flexible Line keys or Feature Keys assigned by the System Administrator.
Flash Key
Press key to finish an outside call and hear the dial tone.
Transfer Key
Allows the extension user to transfer established calls to another extension.
DND Key (Do Not Disturb)
Setup a Do Not Disturb if pressed during a call. Mute (Microphone) Key
Mute handset or Handsfree Microphone. LED lights when microphone is muted.
Clear/Back Key
Press this key to cancel the current action or delete a character.
Cursor Key
Access various features with simple operation.
Volume (UP) Key

Dial Keys HOLD Key
Press this key to place an internal or external call on hold.
Speaker Key
Incoming Call History Key
Controls the built-in speaker, which can be used for Handsfree dialing/ monitoring. LED on key lights when key is active. Enter
* 12 Programmable Function Keys are available for IP4WW-12TXH-B TEL. 24 Programmable Function Keys are available for IP4WW-24TXH-B TEL.
** The illustration shows IP4WW-24TXH-B TEL.
Redial Key
Directory Functions