Programmable Function Keys

Programmable Function Keys
Each Multiline Terminal has Programmable Function Keys. Programmable Function Keys simplify placing calls, answering calls and using certain features. You can customize the function of a Multiline Terminal programmable keys from each Multiline Terminal. Depending on your telephone style, you can have up to 24 Programmable Function keys.
•When a key is programmed using service code 752, that key cannot be programmed with a function using the 751 code until the key is undefined (000). For example with a Park Key programmed by dialing 752 + *04 must be undefined by dialing 000 before it can be programmed as a Voice Over key by dialing 751 + 48.
•Using PRG 92-01 to copy a Multiline Terminal Programmable Function Keys, copies all the keys whether or not they exist on the telephone to which the programming is being copied. This may cause confusion when trying to define a key which is already defined but which does not exist on the telephone (displays as DUPLICATE DATA). It is recommended to either clear these non-existent keys or to copy only from an extension which has the same or fewer number of keys than the extension to which the programming is being copied.
•Speed Dialing and One-Touch Calling also offer quick access to calls and features.
•Programming a 60-button console requires separate programming.
•Below shows example of function key and LCD display indication (PRG 15-07-01 Function Key Assignment).
mber FunctionDisplay
00None[All Blank] 01DSS/One-TouchDSS/ONE TOUCH 02Microphone Key (ON/OFF)MIC KEY 03DND KeyDND KEY 04BGM (ON/OFF)BGM 05HeadsetHEADSET 07Conference KeyCONFERENCE 10Call Forward - ImmediateCALL FORWARD 11Call Forward - BusyTRANSFER-BUSY 12Call Forward - No AnswerTRANSFER-NO ANS 13Call Forward - Busy/No AnswerTRANSFER-BUSY/NO ANS 14Call Forward - Both RingCALL FWD-DUAL RING 15Follow MeFOLLOW ME
If a key is programmed as a DSS/One-Touch key for a station that is set for Call Forward All Calls or Do Not Disturb, the DSS/One-Touch key flashes.
Refer to the SL1100 Programming Manual for a complete list of Function Numbers.
•One-Touch keys programmed for Park Hold Service Code cannot be used to park calls without using Hold or Transfer.
•Pauses can be entered in the dial string of a DSS/One Touch key. The pause is entered as P in the dial string and causes the system to wait three seconds before sending the rest of the digits that follow the P (pause). Multiple pauses can be entered.
•The @ can be entered in the dial string of a DSS/One Touch key. The @ only applies to ISDN and Intercom calls. When using the @, the system waits for the destination to answer (answer supervision), and then sends the rest