Off-Duty Mode

Off-Duty Mode
Off-Duty Mode temporarily logs-out an ACD agent's phone. There are two types of Off-Duty Mode:
Manual Off-Duty Mode
An ACD Agent can enable Manual Off-Duty Mode anytime they want to temporarily log out of the ACD Group. They might want to do this if they go to a meeting or get called away from their work area. While logged out, calls to the ACD Group will not ring the agent's phone.
Automatic Off-Duty Mode
When an ACD Group has Automatic Off-Duty Mode, the system will automatically put an agent's telephone in Off-Duty Mode if it is not answered. This ensures callers will not have to wait while ACD rings an extension that won't be answered. For multiline terminals, the system enables Automatic Off-Duty Mode for all phones with Off-Duty Mode keys. For single line telephones, you must set an option in programming to enable Automatic Off-Duty Mode