Distinctive Ringing, Tones and Flash Patterns

Distinctive Ringing, Tones and Flash
Version 3.0 or higher software provides; number of Tone pattern is increased to 8 from 4. After setting new system data (Tone Pattern 5-8), then downgrade from V3.0 to before V2.0 may cause no incoming ring issue.
Distinctive Ringing, Tones and Flash Patterns provide extension users with audible and visual call status signals. This lets users tell the type of calls by listening to the ringing/tones and watching the keys. It also helps users monitor the progress of their calls. In addition, Distinctive Ringing lets Multiline Terminal users customize their Intercom and trunk call ringing. This is helpful for users that work together closely. For example, if several co-workers set their Multiline Terminals to ring at different pitches, each co-worker can always tell which calls are for them. You can also customize the tones the system uses for splash tone, confirmation tone, trunk ring tone, Intercom ring tone and Alarm ring tone. Refer to the chart below and the SL1100 Programming Manual for more details.