Multiple Trunk Types

Multiple Trunk Types
The SL1100 supports many different Trunks in the system (DID, Loop Start, ISDN PRI). The system supports up to 84 trunks using expanded KSUs.
Refer to the Direct Inward Dialing (DID) on page 1-257 feature for related information. Loop Start Trunks
Loop Start Trunks can be connected to the SL1100 system. Loop Start is assigned per trunk at the associated unit.
Refer to the ISDN Compatibility on page 1-564 feature for related information. T1-E1 Trunks
The T1/PRI/E1 Interface gives the system T1/E1 trunking ability. This unit uses a single universal slot and provides up to 24/30 trunk circuits. In additional to providing digital-quality trunking, the T1/PRI Interface allows you to have maximum trunking ability with fewer units. This in turn makes more universal slots available for other functions.