Licenses are used to activate certain features and applications for the SL1100. The SL1100 system provides the following licenses:
System Licenses:
System Capacity
• IP Trunk - Additional SIP Trunk Port License (Initially 4 Ports bundled)
• IP Extension (STD-SIP) - Standard SIP Terminal License
• Mobile Extension - Additional Mobile Extension Port License (Initially 4 Ports bundled)
System Feature License
• Hotel/Motel - This licenses the system to run the Hotel/Motel feature.
• Encryption (VoIP) - Encryption License for Multiline IP Terminal
• 32 Channel VOIP - Addtional 16 Channel VOIP DSP License
• InACD - This license the system to run the Automatic Call Distribution feature. (V1.5 or higher)
• SL Net - This license the number of remote system that can be connected to the main system. (V1.5 or higher)
Voice Mail (Embedded)
• InMail Channel - Additional InMail Channel License
• InMail Advance - InMail Advanced Features License
- E-Mail Notification
- Cascading message notification
- Find-Me/Follow-Me
- Password option
- Hotel/Motel
Desktop Application
• Softphone - This licenses the number of Desktop Applications that can be used for Softphone.
• Desktop Client - This licenses the number of Desktop Applications that can be run.
60 Day Free License
The 60 Day Free License comes with the CPU. It allows for all the features to be active for 60 days. The count down starts on the first power on and ends at midnight of the 60th day.
• By default, the 60 Day Free License is set to disabled. The 60 day count down starts when the system is initially powered on and continues if the 60 Day Free License is disabled or enabled.
• The CPU works for 1440 hours from the first time powered on.
• The clock counts down only when the power supply in the KSU is ON - battery is not in effect.
• If the CPU is removed, or the system is powered OFF, the countdown stops.
• Every time the clock is changed, the CPU free license (60 days) loses one hour.
• While the free license is active the user can increase the port size of the system to maximum by