Hotel/Motel - Room Status Printout

Hotel/Motel - Room Status Printout
Use the Room Status Printout to get detailed, up-to-the-minute printouts that show the status of all your rooms. Use the Room Status Printout to get a concise overview of the status of guest rooms at a glance. The printout gives you up to the minute reports showing Check In Status, Room Call Restriction, Do Not Disturb, Message Waiting and Wake Up Calls. This feature requires a connection to the system using an IP port on the CPU. Five separate reports are available
Room Status List (Option 1)
The Room Status List shows the status of each room. This gives you an overview of all rooms in a single report. In the report below:
• Room Clean
Lists all the Checked In rooms (305, 311 and 315).
• Maid Required
Lists all the vacant rooms that need cleaning (309).
• Maid in Room
Lists the rooms in which house cleaning is currently working (317).
• Inspection Required
Lists the rooms that are Checked Out waiting to be cleaned up (313).