Answer Customer Calls Promptly and Professionally

Answer Customer Calls Promptly and Professionally, Even When You’re on the Other Line
No matter how small your business, projecting the right image is important. Build your company’s image with Viking’s Two Line Call Sequencer.
In the day mode, the TMS-2 answers calls on one line while you are busy or on the opposite line. After a professional greeting has been played, the TMS-2 holds the caller for up to 15 minutes or until you are available to take the call.

call. Music on hold can be provided from a radio or any other audio source. For a truly
professional image, Viking’s DVA-2W “promotion on hold announcer” may also be added (Fax Back Document 110).
In the night mode, the TMS-2 allows your answering machine to answer either line. The LED indicator displays which mode is active (day or night) and which line is on hold. A volume adjustable beep and warble also indicate which line is on hold