Call Coverage Keys

A keyset can have Call Coverage Keys for a co-worker’s extensions, Ring Group master numbers and UCD Group master numbers. The Call Coverage Key lights when the co-worker’s extension is busy, flashes slowly when the co-worker has an incoming call, and flashes fast when the co-worker is in Do Not Disturb. The Call Coverage Key can ring immediately when a call comes into the covered extension, ring after a delay or not ring at all. In addition, the keyset user can press the Call Coverage Key to intercept their co-worker’s incoming call. They can also go off hook and press the Call Coverage key to call the covered extension. An extension can have as many Call Coverage Keys as they have available Feature Keys on their telephone.
Call Coverage Key Busy Lamp Indications The covered extension is: When the key is: Idle or not installed Off Busy On Ringing Slow Flash Covered extension is in DND for outside calls (option 1). Medium Flash Covered extension is in DND for Intercom calls (option 2) or All Calls (option 3). Fast Flash
Call Coverage Keys will intercept the following types of calls:
• Key Ring Calls
• Ringing Intercom calls
• Calls to a UCD Group master number
• Calls ringing a Group Ring master number
• Transferred calls
Call Coverage Keys will not intercept a call ringing the attendant’s Operator Call Key.
Call Coverage Guard Timer
The 4 second Call Coverage Guard Timer helps extensions that have the same Call Coverage key assignments. As soon as an extension user presses their Call Coverage key to answer a call, the key becomes unavailable for 4 seconds to all other extensions with that same key. (Users will hear reorder tone if they press their key before the 4 seconds expire.) This helps prevent users from inadvertently placing a call to the covered destination.
Hotline and Call Coverage Key Surfing
Consecutively pressing Call Coverage or Hotline keys, also called “sur ng”, is a convenient way to locate co-workers. The operation of sur ng is an interaction between the Hotline Automatic Transfer and Automatic Hold options. The chart below shows this interaction. For example, when Hotline Automatic Transfer and Automatic Hold are both enabled, the user on an outside call can quickly surf a row of keys to nd a co-worker and then hang up when they nd them. The call transfers to the co-worker without any other steps.