CLI Message Wait

CLI Message Wait
When a call is received with Caller or Calling Line ID, the Id is displayed in the DKT LCD as well as the LCD of compatible SLTs. If the call is an ISDN line DID call and disconnects before the called station can answer, the system can activate a CLI Message Wait for the called station. The DKT LCD shows the CLI Message and the [Call Back] button LED flashes. The user may view the CLI Messages, return the call, save the CLI number as a Speed Dial or simply delete the CLI Message.
To view CLI Messages,
1. Press the [Call Back] button to display the first message. 0314504626
2. Use the Volume Up/Down buttons to scroll through messages.
To manage CLI Messages,
1. Press the Select softkey to select a CLI Message.
2. To call the number, press the Hold/Save button.
To delete the current CLI Message, press Del Cur softkey.
To store the number as a Speed Dial, press the Save softkey or. To delete all CLI messages press the DND/FOR button.