Directory Dialing

Directory Dialing allows a Multiline Terminal user to select a co-worker or outside caller from a list of names, rather than dialing the telephone number. There are four types of Directory Dialing:
• SPD-Speed Dials
• EXT-co-worker’s Extensions
• STA-Personal Speed Dials
• TELBK-Telephone Book
• Directory Dialing sorts and searches directory names in alphabetical order (based on all characters entered of the name) when the system starts up or reboots. The system resorts extension names when:
- You change PRG 15-01-01 (Extension Numbers and Names).
- Any user dials 700 and changes their extension name.
• Directory Dialing follows all the programmed options and conditions for Speed Dial-System/Group/ Station, Intercom Calling and One-Touch Calling.
• Extension Directory only shows a telephones/VEs that are connected and have a name assigned