ASUS WL-330N provides

Operation modes ASUS WL-330N provides five operation modes: Wireless Router, Access Point (AP), Hotspot (WiFi Account Sharing), Repeater, and  Wireless Network Adapter. NOTES: •    Use  the  Device  Discovery  utility  in  the  support  CD  to  get  the  WL-330N's WL-330N's's dynamic IP address. •    Before  setting  up  the WL-330N to Hotspot, Repeater or Network Adapter WL-330NtoHotspot,RepeaterorNetworkAdapter to  Hotspot,  Repeater  or  Network  Adapter mode,  ensure  that  you  connect  the  computer  and  the  WL-330N  using  a network cable. •      If  you  cannot  switch  modes  successfully,  reset  the  system  to  its  factory default  settings  through  pressing  the  Restore  button  while  the  ASUS  WL330N is ON. Wireless Router mode In the Router mode, connect the  WL-330N to an ADSL or a cable modem, and the network clients share an IP address for Internet connection. In this mode, the  WL-330N provides wireless signals, NAT, firewall, and IP sharing functions to the wireless clients.