Press the [MUTE] button

An iPECS Phone can turn off audio transmission from the handset, speakerphone or headset microphone, “Mic Mute”.
Operation iPECS Phone To Mute the Microphone;
1. Press the [MUTE] button, the [MUTE] button LED is on and the microphone (Handset, Speakerphone, Headset) is muted; the connected party receives silence.
To activate the microphone;
1. Press the illuminated [MUTE] button, the [MUTE] button LED is off, and the microphone is activated, transmitting audio to the connected party.
1. Changing from speakerphone to handset or vice versa during a mute condition will eliminate the mute status.
2. Returning to idle or placing another CO/IP or intercom call will change the mute status to its normal (active microphone) condition.