touch-tone or rotary

Dial Mode (#201) 4
Use this feature to identify individual lines as touch-tone or rotary. Check with your local telephone company if you are not sure which type of line is being provided to you.
Considerations 4
■ If you are having difficulty using touch-tone telephones on rotary lines, you may need to adjust the Rotary Dialing Timeout (#108).
■ If the system has rotary lines, you can use Touch-Tone Enable (F08) to send touch-tone signals over a rotary line (for example, to access bank-by-telephone services).
■ If Dial Mode is set to Rotary, star codes are entered by dialing 11 instead of *. If you have users at extensions with Outgoing Call Restriction (#401) set to Local Only who are calling out on lines with the Dial Mode set to Rotary, you should add “11” to an Allowed Phone Numbers List (#407) and assign the list to these extensions. Otherwise, when the users at the restricted extensions dial 1 to begin a star code, the system interprets this as an attempt to place a long-distance call, the call is blocked, and the user hears the reorder tone.
■ The 1600 DSL module supports only touch-tone signaling.