AA delivers recorded announcement

Auto  Attendant  / Voice  Mail  Application –AA  delivers  recorded  announcement  to direct  callers  to  the  proper  destination   –Voice  Mail  includes  message  broadcast, email  and  mobile  notification   –Offers  all  the  common  VM  functionality –Both  provide multi-language  support › Built-in  Automatic  Call  Distribution (ACD) –Flexible  incoming  call  routing –Real-time  agent  monitoring  and  call  record statistics   –Event  messages  for  management  reporting › Mobile  Extension –Allows  the  mobile  to place  and  receive  calls through the  system –Calls  sent  to  a  user’s  iPECS  phone  and mobile simultaneously › Centralized  Control  T-NET (Transparent Network) Central  UCP  controls  all  modules  and terminals  located  in  remote  offices  providing all  the features  and  functions  of  the  central UCP Local  survivability  is  provided  with  a  second call  server  located  at  a  remote  site Power  redundancy  available  when UCP100/600/2400 installed in main cabinet