iPECS UCP is  designed to deliver  the flexibility you  need  as  your organization  grows Simple  Unified Communications  Built-in Integrated  Applications Tailored  to  your  Needs › Users  can  access voice, video,  instant messaging,  conference calling  and  visual voicemail,  all  on  a simple and  easy-to-use platform Leverage the Latest Standards-Based Technologies › iPECS  helps  you  make the  most  of  the  latest network  technologies such  as SIP, optimize call  costs  using  Wi-Fi  or use  built-in  voice conferencing –Provides  capacity  for up to 2,200  devices, allowing  it  to  handle most  any  need iPECS-UCP Anywhere,  Anytime Connectivity › Access  the  power  of your  iPECS  call  servers your  way  regardless  of your  device  or  location using  smartphone,  tablet or PC  applications › iPECS  offers  a  range  of enhanced  applications from  Ericsson-LG  and other  specialist application  providers, including  Microsoft Outlook  or  Lync  as  well as  others Reliable  and  Resilient › Total reliability  is  the only  option  for  your communications.  With inherent  modular architecture,  iPECS UCP  provides geographic  redundancy, hot  standby  power redundancy  and Central Control  T-Net