Slt massege wait

SLT  MESSAGE  WAIT  INDICATION Description All  SLT  devices  will  receive a “Stutter”  dial  tone as  an audible  Message  Wait  Indication.  In addition,  industry  standard Message  Waiting  telephones  may  be connected  to the system. Software will  cause the lamp to  flash when a messaging  is  waiting. Operation System The system  switches  the  90 VDC  lamp  On and  Off  for  assigned SLTs  indicating a Message Wait. Conditions 1.  The system  switches  a 90 VDC  supply  On and Off  to  flash the SLT’s  neon lamp. 2.  Although the SLT  Battery  Feed is  removed during  the 90 VDC  On cycle,  the  system will  recognize an SLT  Off-hook  event. 3.  The SLT must  incorporate a 90 VDC  neon lamp that  is  connected directly  across the  tip and ring  of  the voice network.