Description the system provides flexible routing

Description The system provides flexible routing of incoming CO (trunks) calls to meet the exact site requirements. This lets trunk calls ring and be answered at any combination of system extensions. A maximum of  84 trunks are available. For additional information on making trunks ring, refer to  Ring Groups on page 1-763. Delayed Ringing Extensions in a Ring Group can have delayed ringing for trunks. If the trunk is not answered at its original destination, it rings the DIL No Answer Ring Group (this ring group applies to DIL or non-DIL trunks). This could help a secretary that covers calls for their boss. If the boss does not answer the call, it rings the secretary’s telephone after a programmable interval. Universal Answer Universal Answer allows an employee to answer a call by going to any Multiline Terminal and dialing a unique Universal Answer code. The employee does not have to know the trunk number or dial any other codes to pick up the ringing trunk. You normally set up Universal Answer along with Universal Night Answer (refer to  Night Service on page  1-663). When a Universal Night Answer call rings the External Paging, an employee can answer the call from the first available telephone. You might also want to use Universal Answer in a noisy warehouse or machine shop where the volume of normal telephone ringing is not adequate. After hearing the ringing over the Paging, an employee can then easily pick up the call from a shop telephone. The Automatic Off-Hook Answer of Universal Answer Call options (PRG 20-10-07) determines whether or not the extension has the Auto Answer feature for ringing calls. This option allows a user to simply lift the handset to answer a ringing call; dialing the service code is not necessary. Additional Trunk Ring Tones Various ring tone patterns and melodies for incoming calls are available (PRG 22-03-01);  Ring Tone Patterns 1~8 and Melodies 1~5 (V3.0 or higher)  can be configurable, refer below chart.