CIX License Control

CIX License Control The  system  size  and feature capability is controlled using  a  software License Key Code. This key code  is obtained from  the Toshiba Internet FYI site during  the  ordering  process and is installed onto the system processor via CIX  eManager. Processor license codes activate system  hardware capacities. Additional sets  of four CO line/digital station ports beyond the  Basic bundled number of ports requires  one LIC-4 BASIC license. See table below. CIX System Processor Basic Bundled  Port Licenses Maximum Ports CIX670 CIX200 CIX100 CIX100-S CIX40 BCTU2A LCTU1A ACTU3A ACTU3A-S GCTU2A 64 32 32 16 192 or  6721 192 112 1122 LIC-4 BASIC license not  required 1. The  BEXU2A  sub-assembly can be added  to expand capacity from  192 to 672 ports. 2. The  upgrade  from 16  to 24  ports and  from 24  to  32  ports requires the  eight port upgrade LIC100S-8 PORTS license. Each  additional  set of 4  line/station  ports requires the  four port upgrade LIC-4  BASIC license  (maximum of 112  ports). DTMF  tone  receiver circuits are required for standard  telephones, Voice  Mail  DTMF integration, Tie,  DID and  DNIS  line service. 16 DTMF  built-in receiver hardware circuits  and 16  ABR circuits – The first  four DTMF circuits and all ABR circuits do not require a license. Each  additional  set  of four DTMF  receiver circuits require one  LIC-4 DTMF  license  (maximum of  16  DTMF circuits). IP  End Point licenses are  required  for IPT,  SIP and SoftIPT phones. The  optional  RS-232 serial port interface (BSIS) provides two circuits  to interface with  SMDI or Toshiba Proprietary  Voice Mail  integration,  Call  Accounting SMDR, and  two for future applications. The  first circuit  does not require a license, but circuits two through four each require one LIC-SER PORT  license. Refer to  the  “Strata CIX Software License Requirements”  on  page 177  for license part  numbers and hardware configurations.