Queue Status

When all agents in an  ACD Group are unavailable, an incoming call will queue and cause the Queue Status Display to occur on the  ACD Group Supervisor and/or agent’s display.  The display helps the supervisor keep track of the traffic load within their group. In addition, any display keyset can have  a Queue Status Display Check programmable function key.  The keyset user can press this key any time while idle, and using the VOL   and VOL  , scroll through the Queue Status Displays of all the  ACD Groups.  The Queue Status Displays shows (see the Queue Status Display illustration below): The number of calls queued for an available agent in the group. The trunk that has been waiting the longest, and how long it has been waiting. The number of calls in queue. 2  LINE-001   01:30 Name of trunk that has been queued the longest. How long the longest queued call has been waiting. For each ACD Group, you can set the following conditions: The number of trunks that can wait in queue before the Queue Status Display occurs. How often the time in queue portion of the display reoccurs (see the Queue Status display Timing illustration below). Queue Status Display holding time. Queue Status Alarm enable/disable. Queue Status  Alarm sending time.