System Administration

Launching the System  Administration Application 1. 2. 3. 4. To start the System Administration application, perform one of the following steps: Double-click  on the MERLIN  Messaging  Administration  desktop  short cut or the  PARTNER  Messaging Administration desktop short cut. Select the MERLIN Messaging Administration  short cut or the PARTNER Messaging Administration short cut from the Start menu. From the Start menu, select  Programs > MERLIN Messaging  Release 4.0  or  PARTNER Messaging Release 7.0>System Administration. (This is the default location.) The Messaging System Administration  window appears, displaying the Messaging Login dialog box. In the IP address or host name box, enter the  Fixed IP address of the messaging  system module that was loaded into the message system. (See Section 2.) In the Login box, enter  sysadmin. In the Password box, enter  the system  administration password. (If this  is your  first time logging into the system,  click the  OK  button. You are prompted to enter the password.) 5. Click  the  OK  button. Once you log  in successfully, you  can  start administering the messaging  system. The System  Administration application windows display the current settings  for  the messaging  system. For more information regarding installation  and use of the  System Administration  application, see the MERLIN  Messaging System Administration  Getting Started Guide or  the PARTNER  Messaging  System Administration  Getting Started Guide under Documentation, System Administration  contained on the Library CD