SIE Key for ACD Groups

SIE Key for ACD Groups Description Any Multiline Terminal can have SIE keys for ACD Groups. When a call  comes into a covered ACD Group, the SIE key will ring  immediately, ring  after a delay or just flash (depending  on system programming and  user-set options). The  Multiline Terminal user  can answer the call  by  just lifting  the handset and pressing the  SIE key. ACD SIE keys help maximize ACD service during high traffic periods or when agents are unavailable. The  covering  extension  does not  have to  be  a member of  the  ACD Group. In  addition, an extension  can have  SIE keys for  as  many ACD Groups as  it  has  available programmable keys. An ACD Group  SIE  key also allows for one-button Transfer  to an ACD Group.