DID calls are subject to Group Call Pick-up and Directed Call Pick-up. 5. If a VMIM/VSF announcement is defined as the destination in the Flexible DID Destination Table, a Caller Controlled Routing Table for the announcement can be defined. iPECS can be configured to drop (disconnect) the call after playing the recorded announcement. Programming STATION 1 SIP User ID Table (PGM 111-Btn 19)  2 Station SIP Attributes 2 (PGM 126-Web only) BOARD 1 H323 VoIP Attributes  2 SIP Gateway Attributes CO/IP 1 CO Service Type (PGM140)  2 ISDN DID Remove Digit Count (PGM 143-Btn 5)  3 DID Conversion Type (PGM 145) SYSTEM 1 DID/DISA Busy Destination (PGM 167-Btn 1)  2 DID/DISA Error Destination (PGM 167-Btn 2)  3 DID/DISA No Answer Timer (PGM 181-Btn 2) TABLES 1 CCR Audio Text Tables (PGM 228)  2 Flexible DID Table (PGM 231