Power supply

Power Supply The  Total Access 900e Series products have a 90  to  125 VAC power supply with  an  IEC connector. The  appropriate three-prong cable  is included  in the shipment. Battery Backup Connection An  optional  battery backup system is available  for the  Total Access 900e Series (P/N 1175044L1 or L2). The  connection  port is  labeled  BATT. Refer to  the documentation  available for your specific battery backup  unit  for more information on this  connection, or refer to  Battery Backup Unit  on page 25 for  a more details. CRAFT Interface The  CRAFT  interface is an  EIA-232  serial  port (DCE) that  provides for local management  and configuration  (via a DB-9  female  connector). Table A-5  on  page 31  shows  the  CRAFT  port pinouts.