intercom call hold

INTERCOM  CALL HOLD Description While on an active ICM  Call,  users  of  iPECS  Phones  can place the ICM  Call  on hold.  The held station will  receive the assigned Music-on-Hold.  The call  is  placed on Exclusive Hold and recalls  to the holding  station after  expiration of  the  Exclusive Hold Recall  Timer. Operation iPECS Phone To place  an active  ICM  call  on hold 1.  Press  the  [HOLD]  button,  the  [ICM]  button LED  will  flash at  the exclusive hold  rate. ICM  dial  tone is  received. To retrieve  the held ICM  call 1.  Press  the  [ICM]  button  or  the  {DSS/BLF}  button associated  with the held station, the  [ICM]  button LED  illuminate and the ICM  call  connected. Conditions 1.  Only  one ICM  call  may  be placed on hold  at  a station. Programming Related  Features   MOH (Music-On-Hold)   Intercom  Call (ICM  Call)   Exclusive  Hold   Hold Recall Hardware   iPECS Phone