Multi-Party Voice Conference

Multi-Party  Voice  Conference Description The system  allows  multiple internal  and external  parties  to be connected on a call,  conference. An unlimited number  of  3-party  conferences  may  be established using  iPECS  Phones.  In addition,  each  MCIM  (Multi-party  Conference Interface Module)  up to 32 parties  with the g.711 or  g.729 codec  and 24 with the  g.723 codec  may  be connected in a single voice conference. The MCIM  will  support  any  combination of  parties  and conferences  to the  maximum  total number  of  parties  in conference.  Multiple  MCIMs,  see chart  below,  are installed to support multiple multi-party conferences with a maximum of 32 parties in any single conference. iPECS iPECS iPECS iPECS iPECS Operation ----Micro 50 300 600 1200 iPECS Phone 1 MCIM  unit  maximum 2 MCIM  units  maximum 4 MCIM  units  maximum 8 MCIM  units  maximum 30 MCIM  units  maximum To establish  an  ad-hoc  conference 1.  Establish  first  call. 2.  Press  the  [CONF]  button.  The LED  will  light,  the connected party  is  placed on exclusive hold and the user  receives  dial  tone. 3.  Place second call. 4.  When connected,  press  [CONF],  new  call  is  placed on exclusive hold. 5.  Repeat  steps  3 and 4 above to add additional  conference parties. 6.  Press  [CONF]  button  to establish conference. To place  a  conference  on hold 1.  Press  the  [HOLD]  button,  the  [CONF]  button LED  will  flash. To retrieve  held  conference 1.  Press  [CONF]  button,  all  parties  reconnected.