Activation Key Code

Activation Key Code and Key Management System To obtain additional activation keys, you need to purchase the appropriate activation key codes and access the Key Management System. You can download the activation keys as an activation key file from the Key Management System. To download the activation keys, enter the MPR ID number shown on the  IPCMPR card in the PBX, and activation key number and registration ID provided on each activation key code. For  information  about  the  type  of  activation  key  codes  available,  refer  to  "Additional  Activation  Keys  in  the  SD Memory Card (Activation Key Files)". Note • You can  only  download  the  activation  key  file  once  using  the  activation  key  number  and  registration  ID provided on the activation key code. • Up to 8 activation keys can be downloaded as one activation key file. • Up to 100 activation key files can be installed on the SD Memory Card. • It is possible to send the activation key file to a specified e-mail address at the same time as downloading it to a PC. • Make sure to backup the downloaded activation key files on your PC. • In  the  event  of  a  system  malfunction,  you  need  a  temporary  activation  key  for  maintenance  purposes. The  temporary  activation  key  can  only  be  used  for  a  limited  time  period,  and  can  be  downloaded  from the Key Management System in the same way as downloading activation key files.