(with Esi-Link) CO line 1 answer  ring destination First  ring  — Line  1  (optionally  named  “SALES”) rings  at  operator’s  extension. Third ring  —  Extension 112 at  Location 702 is  added. Fifth  ring  —  Extension 100 and Location 702 extension  112 stop ringing;  and Location 703   extension  101 starts  ringing. Ninth ring  (or  no available Esi-Link channels  for  Ring 5)  —  Call  is  answered by  auto attendant. CO line  2  answer  ring destination First  ring  —  Line 2 (optionally named “MFG.”)  rings  at  extensions  118–119. Third ring  —  Line 2 rings  at  Department  290 in Esi-Link  Location 702. Fifth ring  —  (In  this  example,  Ring  5  isn’t  programmed.  If  an  Esi-Link  connection  to  Location  702 is available,  the call  routing will follow  the call  forwarding for  Department  290.) CO line  3  answer  ring destination First  ring  —  Line  3 (optionally  named  “TECH”)  is  answered  by  auto  attendant  (branch ID  4) in  home location. Branch ID 4 is assigned as a GoTo: Remote branch to an ID branch at Locati