Trunk Route Priority

Select the trunk based off the Trunk Route Priority (0) or based off the trunk that has not been used in the longest time (1). Default 0 Related Program 14-05 14-06 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 Intercom Interdigit Time Trunk Interdigit Time (External) Dial Tone Detection Time Disconnect Time when Dial Tone not Detected Dial Pause at First Digit Toll Restriction Override Time Preset Dial Display Hold Time Ringdown Extension Timer (Hotline Start) 0 ~ 64800 seconds 0 ~ 64800 seconds 0 ~ 64800 seconds 0 ~ 64800 seconds 0 ~ 64800 seconds 0 ~ 64800 seconds 0 ~ 64800 seconds 0 ~ 64800 seconds When placing Intercom calls, extension users must dial each digit in this time. The system waits for this time to expire before placing the call in a talk state (Call Timer starts after time expires, Voice Over and Barge-In is not allowed until after time expires). If dial tone detection is enabled, the system waits this time for the Telco to return dial tone. When the time expires, the system assumes dial tone is not present. To disable this time (and have the system wait continuously), enter 0. If 14-02-11 is enabled, the system skips over a trunk if dial tone is not detected. This option pertains to calls placed using Speed Dial, ARS, Last Number Redial or Save Number dialed. It does not pertain to line key or Direct Trunk Access calls. After dialing the Toll Restriction Override codes, the system removes Toll Restriction from the extension for this time. A Ringdown extension automatically calls its programmed destination after this time.