Optimum operation

To  achieve  optimum  operation  from  your  ESI  Cordless  Handset  II Repeater: •  Place  the  Repeater  at  least  six feet  off  the ground so it  has a clear  line-of-sight. •  Make sure  the Repeater  has  good  reception from  the  base  station (or  Repeater  to  which it  is   daisy-chained). •  Make sure  the Repeater  location  is  close to  a  standard 120  VAC power  outlet. •  Never install  electrical  cords across  traffic  areas  where they  can cause a tripping  hazard  (additionally, such cords,  if  damaged,  may create  fire  or  electrical  hazards). •  Allow  at  least  35  feet  between Repeaters. If you  install Repeaters  across  multiple  floors, be  sure  to  allow  35 feet  vertically, too. •  Install  the Repeater  away from  sources of  electrical  interference.  Examples include  audio systems, office equipment,  and microwave ovens. •  Install  the Repeater  away from  heat  sources  and  direct  sunlight. •  Install  the Repeater  away from  items that  can interfere with  radio signals.  Examples  include  metal doors,  thick walls,  niches,  and cupboards.