Adding KSU

Adding a KSU2 Second Cabinet You can add one KSU2  to a KSU1. The KSU2 adds: •   eight  digital  DX-80 extension ports •   four CO line  ports •   one Power  Failure Transfer  port •   Extension Expansion connectors for two  additional DPM8s or  one  APM4 •   Ribbon cable for one APM4 •   Ribbon cable for one COM4 Connect  the  KSU2  to the KSU1  via a designated  connector  located  on the CPM inside  the KSU1. To  install the KSU2 perform  the following steps. 1. Be sure  that the  entire system is turned off. 2. Remove the  KSU  cover (four screws at each  corner)  on  both KSU1  and  KSU2. 3. Connect  a static discharge  wrist  strap to a  suitable  earth  ground.   Be sure  that the strap  is touching bare skin.