If this option is set to  0, the F-Route table selected is determined only by the digits dialed without any relation to the day or time of the call. If this option is set to  1, the system first refers to PRG 44-10. If there is a match, the pattern defined in that program is used. If not, the F-Route pattern in PRG 44-09 and time setting in 44-08 are used. 02 03 Dial Tone Simulation (V2.0 Added) Tone Kind  (V2.0 Added) Conditions None 1 digit (0 ~ 9) *, # cant be used 0 = Internal DT 1 = External DT When first dialed digit matches with the data set in this Program, system send simulated DT to calling party after receiving first digit. Numbering plan for the dial needs to configure as F-Route at PRG 11-01. Set simulated DT kind which can change the tone used at PRG 44-01-02 and PRG 44-02-04.