DSS (Direct Station Selection) Console The DSS console is a digitally interfaced component  of the DX-80.   It  connects to the  system via any available digital  port  (408M/E  or DPM8  digital  port).  The  DSS is equipped  with 60 programmable buttons.   Twelve  of these buttons  are  intended  for features  code  storage  only  and do  not have LED indications  associated  with them.   Forty  eight buttons  are equipped with dual  color (red /  green) LEDs and may be assigned any  system  feature code  or directory number; these buttons may be  assigned  for either  system  features  operations or CO  line access operations. You can  mount  the  DSS  console in one  of  two positions:  lower profile  desk  position and  wall mounted position.   DSS consoles  are programmed to  operate with  an associated  speakerphone.  You  can assign up  to four  DSS  consoles  per  speakerphone.  The maximum  number of DSS consoles supported by  the DX-80  is  12.   Each  equipped  DSS  console  requires  one digital  port, therefore  the total  number (system capacity) of speakerphones  possible is reduced by one for  each DSS console