setting up UCD

Setting Up UCD Voice Announce (VA) Groups The  DX-80 system provides UCD groups  to  allow you  to  handle  high  traffic using third-party ancillary RADs.  Whenever the overflow destinations  of a  UCD group  require you to use more than  one RAD to handle the volume of call traffic, you can pool the  RADs  in a  group (available UCD  group) for  access.  If you do this, any of the available devices can handle  waiting calls with the same announcement. The following  conditions apply. •   You must  assign all voice announce  UCD group members to port type V.A. •   You  must  record all ancillary  RAD  devices  individually  for the same announcement. These conditions do not  apply when  using the DX-80 VP system  for  UCD Overflow announcements. 8.4.1  PROGRAMMING USING THE DET Note:  chg,  bksp,  save,  one,  always,  del,  and  ack  are interactive LCD button  operations.  Use  the three buttons below the LCD display  to  actuate  the associated  operation. 1. Enter Database Administration  using  the feature code  Feature # *  and then enter  the DB  Admin password. 2. Press  show.   The system displays the DB Item Select  screen. 3. First, program  the analog extension ports as type  V.A. 4. Enter  01-nnn-21, then press  save  (where “nnn” is the extension  number  of the  analog  port connected to  an ancillary RAD Device).  This advances you  to the selected  extension Port Type field. 5. Press  chg  to  select VA.