CO line

This manual provides  information for completely programming  a  new  DX-80 system  from  scratch.  Comdial  also provides  you with  some  tools you can use to reduce your  programming time.   These tools include: •   a  series of worksheets for  you to plan your system structure,  and record the programming for future reference if  necessary.   For more details,  see Appendix A,  Worksheets. •   copying  a  base  CO line or  extension’s setups  to several  other  CO  line or extensions thereby eliminating the  need to program them individually,  and •  using one of four standard database programming templates provided  with the DX-80 on CD part number DX80UTILCD.   You can  choose the template that most  closely matches your  new customer’s  site  needs,  and then add  whatever custom  changes  you need to make.   This  approach saves you the time  of programming the entire system from scratch. For  more  information on these and  other aids  the DX-80  provides  to allow you to program  a  system efficiently,  see  Section 3.1,  Shortcuts to  Help  You  Work Faster. When  you  are programming  a  new system from  scratch, perform the following basic tasks: 1.  Set  up  the system  features. 2.  Set  up  the CO lines. 3.  Set  up  call handling. 4.  Set  up  the toll restrictions. 5.  Set  up  the UCD groups. 6.  Set  up  Voice Mail  (if applicable).