Voice Mail Groups Members

Voice Mail GroupsMembers (ports)Integration MethodVM message waitingVM control codes1 per Tenant (uses 1 UCD Group per VM system)24Digital (ICD Voice) and In-band (for other)#96 + station number to turn VM button LED on.#*96 + station number to turn VM button LED offDisconnect Digits: 8 digits max.Subscriber Calling via Intercom: 4 digits max.Transfers to VM : 4 digits max.Busy Forward: 4 digits max.No Answer Forward: 4 digits max.Direct Call Forward: 4 digits max.CO Line Recall: 4 digits max.CO Line Ringing: 4 digits max.UCD Overflow: 4 digits max.Record Digits for Voice Recorder function: 4 max.Delete Digits: 4 digits max.Suffix for transferred calls: 2 max.CO line loop current sensingInterrupt programmable from 50ms to 2500ms.Paging8 Internal Page Extension Groups1 External Page Port1 Internal All Call1 System (Internal/External) All CallSpeed Dialing1000 total bins, dynamically allocated.200 bins at default allocated for system-wide use.20 bins at default allocated for extension use (extensions 101-148 only) (50 possible per extension)16 digits maximum per bin.Last Number Redial16 digits per stationSave Number Redial16 digits per stationUser Saved Number (Memo Pad)20 digits per station