Built-In Automated Attendant

The Built-In Automated Attendant gives the system call answering and routing capabilities when IntraMail is not installed. The Built-In Automated Attendant can use any of the first eight Call Routing Mailboxes (801-808) for call handling, and each of these eight Routing Mailboxes can have a 30 second Instruction Menu message (Attendant Greeting). The Routing Mailboxes must be Call Routing Mailboxes, and all other Routing Mailbox types are ignored. Additionally, the Built-In Automated Attendant provides two voice mail ports, allowing it to process two calls simultaneously.
The Built-In Automated Attendant does not provide voice mail.
Just like the full-featured Automated Attendant, the Built-In Automated Attendant answers outside calls on each line, according to the time of the day and day of the week that the call is ringing. After answering, the Built-In Automated Attendant plays an Instruction Menu message (greeting) to the caller and provides them with dialing options.
There are 3 major components:
• Line Schedules
• The Line Schedules, when enabled, set how the system answers outside calls according to the time of day and day of week the call is ringing. If the active Line Schedule routes a call to an IntraMail Call Routing Mailbox, the Built-In Automated Attendant picks up.
• By default, Line Schedules do not route calls to the Built-In Automated Attendant.
• Call Routing Mailbox
• A Call Routing Mailbox is a mailbox associated with an individual Line Schedule entry. It specifes which dialing options (Dial Action Table) are available to callers. It also provides the Instruction Menu to callers which typically greets the callers and describes the dialing options.
• By default, Line Schedules do not route calls to the Built-In Automated Attendant.
• Dial Action Table
• Once the Built-In Automated Attendant answers, the Dial Action Table provides the dialing options to callers. Each digit a caller can dial is assigned a specifc action (function) in the Dial Action Table. The dial action used depends on the setting in the active Call Routing Mailbox, which in turn depends on the Line Schedule setup. The valid Dial Action Table actions for the Built-In Automated Attendant are:
• UTRF (Unscreened Transfer)
• GOTO (Go to a Mailbox)
• Hang Up