Navigation Key

Navigation Key
System provides following improved operation mode or features for Multiline Terminal user. Each mode is selectable by PRG 15-02-60 and can be entered by depressing Cursor key or Center key when the terminal is idle.
Navigation mode:
N End user can easily search call history, edit speed dial or change terminal LCD settings. Directory dialing (DSX):
Directory dialing searches outside caller from the name list rather than dialing the telephone number. Soft Key mode (DSX):
DSX base Soft Key menu is supported.
•In PRG 15-02-60 the following 3 types of operations can be selected for each Multiline Terminal.
PRG 15-02-60 (Up) (Down) (Left) (Right)CenterNote 0: Standard modeLCD ContrastLCD ContrastOutgoing/ In- coming call History Directory Dial- ing (SV8100) None 1: Advanced mode 1None Directory Di- aling (DSX) Incoming call History Outgoing call History Navigation mode 2: Advanced mode 2None Directory Di- aling (DSX) Incoming call History Outgoing call History Soft Key mode (DSX)
During entering one of above features if PRG 15-02-60 is changed to other mode, it is necessary to make the terminal back to idle state before using new feature.
•Warning Tone and Confirming Tone can be heard by setup of PRG 15-02-48.
Navigation mode
Navigation mode provides an easy handling method of Call logs, such as search Missed call log and save to preferred speed dial bin with number and name if received.
Call History
•Missed Call: New incoming non answered call log
•Received Call: Answered call and checked missed call
•Dialed Number: Outgoing call log
Against each Call History logs, following 5 type of operations are available.
•Calling: Place Outgoing call
•Save Private Phonebook: Save to Private Speed dial bin (maximum of 20)
•Save Common Phonebook: Save to Common Speed dial bin (default 900)
•Save Group Phonebook: Save to Group Speed dial bin (default none)
•Delete: Delete from call