SL1100 system has several utilities

The SL1100 system has several utilities to assist in troubleshooting and diagnosing problems both during and after installation. Side Tone Auto Setup
Per each analog trunk (or all analog trunks) the most suitable Codec Filter setting for can be automatically adjusted using  and 02.
During the trunk measurement process, the following LCD indications are provided.
•During measurement: Measurement (x/5) x= number of measurements
•Measure complete: Complete
•Error condition: Error
•Trunk busy: Busy
After successful measurement, the option to copy the same settings to all analog trunks is shown. Side Tone Auto Setup available when the system is in an idle condition.
Remote maintenance using PCPro
PCPro can remotely access the SL1100 for maintenance and diagnostics. Within PCPro, the debug terminal can be accessed to monitor the systems activity and logging. PCPro also has built-in reports that can display alarm data. If need be, an option in PCPro allows the technician to reset or initialize the system remotely. If the technician determines the problem is isolated to a specific slot, PCPro can reset only the slot in question.
Quick System Check-up
You can check the System Information, VoIPDB Information and IP Address by doing a simple operation. Here are the information you can get from the operation.