IP Office Networking Solutions

IP Office Networking Solutions Capabilities Networked telephony — IP Office provides each location with a scalable (up to 360 users) telephony solution that supports voice networking, and offers: • A uniform dialing plan, making it easy to call co-workers anywhere on the network and improve customer service • Consistent user experience by sharing the same phones and messaging interface as in headquarters • A user-defined central directory that is automatically synchronized • Least cost routing and bandwidth on demand • Centralized voicemail and/or the ability to network voicemail systems together Networked data — With its built-in router, IP Office offers networked voice and data communications, providing: • One link for voice and data networking • Common access to the Internet; share files and send e-mails to other sites • Support for RIP-2 protocol for dynamic data routing; IPsec VPN, firewall and NAT (Network Address Translation) for security; Centralized management and proactive fault management via SNMP Benefits • Operate a network of branch offices with a consistent set of communications and services across all locations; gain the efficiencies of universal functions and end-user familiarity. • Leverage your existing investment in Avaya systems in your corporate headquarters • Centralize services (e.g. operator, voicemail) as well as management and administration to reduce costs • Speed deployment of remote offices — respond more quickly to market demands • Improve inter-site communication to simplify information exchange and enhance customer service Overview With Avaya IP Office you can network telephony and data services via a T1, SIP, PRI & BRI ISDN, including VoIP on the company WAN. Networking maximizes the current potential of your branch office and remote workers — while building the best possible foundation for your future.