TAPI 1.x / CTI
TAPI 1.x / CTI
The system has Telephony Applications Programming Interface (TAPI) capability. TAPI allows the user personalized control
of the telephone system from a desktop or laptop PC when used in conjunction with a TAPI-compliant application. The tele- phone system and PC are connected by installing a CTA or CTU adapter on the telephone keyset, allowing the PC user to access sophisticated communications services via the telephone lines.
Some possibilities are:
● Personal information managers offering features such as automatic dialing, voice mail sorting, and simultaneous communications.
● Strengthened information applications connecting database managers, spreadsheets, and word processors directly to the telephone network.
● Advanced call managers letting users manage more complicated telephone functions (such as setting up conference calls).
● Icon-drive data transmission allowing users to drag icons to send files, specifying whether to transmit as a file, fax, or EMail.
● Caller ID functions letting users identify an inbound caller on another line without putting anyone on hold. The second caller could be sent a message or routed directly to voice mail. Screen pops can also be used with Caller ID to identify incoming callers. Using a screen pop application (such as IdentaFone’s IdentaPop with MS Out- look integration), caller information can be retrieved and displayed on the PC’s monitor.
● Remote control applications letting users operate their computers from a distance over public telephone lines. ● Access to information services (such as news retrieval services) obtained through TAPI applications.
The Aspire TAPI capability provides:
● Reduced TAPI Feature Set (see the Supported TAPI Commands chart which follows).
● Caller ID data to the PC for data base lookups and screen pops (see the Caller ID Data chart which follows). ● Telephone control (off-hook, on-hook and dialing).
In addition to a compatible system software version (1.07 or higher), you must also have:
● Aspire keyset telephone containing an RS-232-C CTA Adapter (P/N 0890058) / CTU Adapter (P/N 0890059) with TAPI compliant firmware.
Refer to CTA Adapters (page 2-5) and CTU Adapters (page 2-21) for details on installing the adapters and drivers required for TAPI 1.4 applications (stand-alone).
● PC Driver for the CTA: PC running Windows 98 Second Edition or higher
● PC Driver for the CTU: PC running Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
● TAPI 2 applications (server-based) are possible with the Aspire S cabinet. With the Aspire M/L/XL, the Aspire 64-port basic CPU (P/N 0891002) with the Feature Upgrade PAL chip (P/N 0891039) or the Enhanced CPU (P/ N 0891038) is required. The 64-port Basic CPU with the basic factory-installed PAL chip does not support TAPI 2.
● A TAPI compatible Windows app