After you set up DILs to InMail, Call Routing Mailbox 1 answers outside calls. This is because:
• All trunks by default are assigned to Answer Table 1.
• Answer Table 1, which runs Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, uses Call Routing Mailbox 1.
• The Default Mailbox, which runs at all other times (evenings and weekends), also uses Call Routing Mailbox 1.
To Set up simple Day/Night Answering:
• In 47-11-03 Default Mailbox Category and in 47-11-03 Default Mailbox Number change the Default Mailbox for Answer Table 1 to 2.
• From the System Administrator Mailbox:
1. Dial SA + I and record a new Instruction Menu message for Call Routing Mailbox 1.